Own A Clean Eatz

Why Become A Franchisee?

Clean Eatz offers a unique opportunity for franchisees to truly make a difference in the world through food! A Clean Eatz franchise is an exciting and simple franchise to own:

  • Low Investment - Clean Eatz has a lower investment cost than most fast casual concepts.

  • Small Spaces - Ideal Clean Eatz locations will be about 1800 sqft.

  • Attractive Hours - Clean Eatz offers flexible hours for franchisees with most cafes closing at 7pm and being closed on Sunday.

  • Easy Management - Most stores can be run with five employees

  • Simple Menu - Our menu is streamlined and easy for anyone to reproduce whether you have food service experience or not!

Clean Eatz is a one of a kind lifestyle brand that provides customers with multiple options to pursue their healthy lifestyle goals. While customers love the food... there is even more for franchise owners to love. Clean Eatz is looking for the best of the best for potential franchise owners. We are available in most areas of the United States. There is a minimum financial requirement of at least $100,000 for any potential franchise owners. If you meet the basic qualifications to own a Clean Eatz franchise we would love to speak with you about our incredible offering.

Due to the rapid growth of Clean Eatz, we are no longer offering franchises in North or South Carolina.


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