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BridgeInternet's mission is to bring reliable, fast and secure internet connections to rural areas across America thru Municipalities, Cooperatives and individual owners.

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BridgeInternet also offers the latest in Internet TV and IPTV, VOIP and home security and surveillance two-way signal that will enable remote visual access to the home or business.

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We have a multidisciplinary team in the areas of Founder & Chairman, Tower Construction, Partnerships, Financial Operations, Information & Technology, Tower Operations.

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Why BridgeInternet?

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Partnering with a BridgeInternet service area is simple. We give the service area and the owners the ability to tap into large existing fiber optic networks for connectivity, so they can transmit internet using radio waves from transmitters placed on BridgeInternet towers.
Customers benefit from better speed than the competition without limitations. BridgeInternet does not require customers to sign long term contracts.

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BridgeInternet is the solution for rural areas

BridgeInternet is a true licensed Spectrum, LTE, 4G (with 5G following) company, offering High Speed wireless connection to your home, place of work, or school. It is very easy for the Municipalities, Cooperatives or Individual Territory Owners to start the business and provide your community with High Speed Internet. With millions of rural Americans struggling to find a reliable internet provider, buying a BridgeInternet Broadband service territory is an investment for yourself AND your community. At the same time, you're helping us make a difference in people's lives by providing access to online classes, healthcare, news and entertainment.

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We're unique because we can do what no others can

The internet is a commodity many take for granted but for those with limited access every day it is an unnecessary struggle. BridgeInternet will coach and teach every process and step of the way to insure smooth operations. We have proprietary technology and equipment that insures this will happen. Through the rights BridgeInternet has with the largest Tower companies across the U.S. and the addition of new BridgeInternet transmitting towers where there are no existing towers in those rural areas, we can reach and transmit where no others can.

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What to expect from us

Before you open the business

Before you open the business, we will provide initial training. This training will include professional licenses, certifications, or other training you must possess and complete before you can operate the Business.

After the opening of the business

After the opening of the business, we will offer you continued guidance and training. We offer you advice and direction on a variety of business matters, including sales techniques, operational methods, accounting procedures, as well as marketing and sales strategies.


BridgeInternet owners can look forward to a strong network of support. We're proud to be a best in the business offering Municipalities, rural Cooperatives and Individual Territory Owners the confidence they have an experienced operations team to rely on.

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